Thursday, October 21, 2010

This and That

Grandpa is back at the nursing home. They did some tests and found out he has legionella pneumonia. So they changed his meds, and he's doing a bit better. I hope he continues on the right path!

Today the stuff for the bookfair arrived at school. Holy overwhelming feeling! They stacked everything at the end of the library, so of course the kids wanted to see everything. I havent looked in all the boxes yet, but there is some neat stuff. I hope the kids find something they like and can get. I have the unfortunate task of setting it all up myself over the weekend. The girls will be with Mike, so... Fun times.

I have 3 people coming tomorrow to give estimates on a new furnace and hot water tank. I hope this doesnt take long...its COLD in here! Every time they come for something, its at least 2 weeks until I hear from someone, so I hope its not the case this time.

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