Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Warming Up

The guy from Community Action came today to do the weatherization check on the house. We failed miserably. He couldnt believe how high the number was when he hooked the fan to the front door and measured the amount of air flowing through the house (with closed windows and doors). He said it was like leaving a 4' X 4' window open all the time. No wonder its so cold in here in the winter!
He also shut the gas off to the furnace. He said its not safe at all! Nice. It is original to the house though...

After all was said and done and checked, this is what he came up with:

-New boiler. A few new pipes where some have been replaced with plastic. They're not approved for the heating system.
-New hot water heater. This one is only about 2 years old, but the valve on it doesnt work properly, so it will get replaced. (and wrapped)
-Insulation blown in the attics.
-Insulation blown in all the outside walls. Unfortunately this means they have to cut holes in all the walls except the family room to do this. I guess its worth it to have a warm house.
-Take down old insulation in the basement garage and put in new insulation board, and blow it with filler. (more pipe work here, and a bit of electric work as well)
-Vent the dryer. Its not vented right now, and wasnt vented properly.
-Spray insulation around the top of the foundation and stick other insulation to it to fill in all gaps.

I will be so happy to get this done. I think it will make such a huge difference. I'll be anxious to see how much the bills go down.
He also told me to go to metropolitan housing to see about getting some upgrades done to the house...such as a finished bathroom in the basement and the bathrooms redone upstairs. I will probably go there next week to see what they can do.

I hate being poor. I really do. But its nice to know these agencies are out there to help me get things in order so I can make it.

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