Saturday, September 18, 2010

In the Blink of an Eye

How fast things can change. Thursday evening I was at JRL watching Brenna's volleyball game. The 7th grade game was over, the 8th grade team was just finishing warm ups when the principal came in the gym and announced that the tornado sirens were going off in town and we needed to get to the middle of the school now. So everyone left the gym and went to the middle classrooms to wait. And wait. And wait. It didnt look windy, just some rain. We had really been oblivious to anything going on outside besides a bit of rain. After about 20 minutes, we were given the all clear. I took the little girls and B and we went home. Ali was here with a friend... I was actually glad she wasnt alone. Thankfully the tornado didnt come near the school, or my house, but it hit about 5 miles up the road and did a LOT of damage. They classified it as an F-2. The most damage was to the OARDC/ATI and surrounding area, but it went further than that.
Tomorrow the church has organized a work crew to help a family from church whose house was hit. The insurance will take care of the house things (windows, roof, garage) but not the trees that fell in the yard (over 25). So I'm going to help, and hoping for a bit of firewood for next year. (I would go help even if I dont get any wood.)
We lost power for 22.5 hours. Thankfully that was it. There are some places still w/o electricity. We also didnt have school Friday since there was no electricity. That really stinks since 1-I dont get paid for it now, 2-we only get 3 snow days this year and we've used one already, and 3-I couldnt even do things around here like vacuum, laundry, dishes, etc. But it came back on a bit after 4 on Friday, so all is well now.
I'm just so amazed how fast things happened. I didnt even know what was going on, and couldnt find out for quite some time due to the power outage. I'm just glad everyone is ok.

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