Saturday, September 4, 2010


This was definately a better week at work. I had things planned, the computer worked all was good. Except for the heat. Holy cow it was HOT! We had like at least 6 straight days at 90+ degrees. Doesnt make for a fun time in an unairconditioned school. I took some of the classes outside to read to them, and one day they came looking for us because we missed a practice tornado drill. Lovely, lol.

Tonight was the homecoming. It was fun. We got there, ate, then I sat with Grandpa for awhile. Mom and Aunt Jackie went to get him. He had a great time. It was so nice that so many people came over to say hi. I know there are people that avoid people after they've had a stroke, but those people who came over really made his day. He will probably sleep all day tomorrow, but it was worth it for him to be out for awhile tonight.

I played bingo with Pennie, Heather and Stacie. It was nice to just sit around and chat with them for awhile. We're thinking about a trip to New York City over a long weekend to celebrate us all turning 40. Wow---40!

The downside to tonight is my poor kiddos. Alexis had to help clear tables for an hour or so, and when she was done she went to Mike's to sleep on the couch. She had a friend over, so she stayed at the homecoming and hung out with some other friends for awhile. We got ready to leave, and Alexis and Madelyn both have headaches and fevers. Mike took Ali's friend home and is keeping Livi overnight (she was so excited). Brenna was supposed to have a friend spend the night too, but she went to her house instead. Hopefully they'll stay healthy.

So here I sit in the peace and quiet tonight. Seems strange.

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