Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Waiting Continues...

I had my interview today. I have no idea how it went, but I think it went well. Its been so long since I've been through one... I think its good that they know me already. If everyone they interviewed went in and said the same things, at least they know my personality and such, and I'd hope that would give me a bit of an edge. :) They said they'd let me know Monday or Tuesday.

Brenna started volleyball this week. So far its a lot of conditioning, and she's pretty sore. But I dont hear her complaining, so she must be enjoying it. She was really hoping they dont have to run on the track today.

We went to see Grandpa today. I can still see progress. I'm so amazed at how much more he uses his right hand/arm, and how much stronger it seems to be getting. I dont know if he's been standing or walking (or trying to take steps yet), but Aunt Jackie seems to think thats what they've been working on. He just wants to go home so bad.

I forgot to get cilantro at the store yesterday. I have a bunch of grape tomatoes that are ripe, and maybe even some regular ones. I have one pepper, and a jalepeno or two ready, and I'd like to make some salsa. Might have to take a drive later. :) (I dont have any chips either.)

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