Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I was going to come here and post, but I stopped to read a friend's blog first, and what she had to say is going to change this post somewhat. It was really inspiring.

This week at my new job has not started off well. I got on the computer, only to find out I didnt have a user ID or password. Got that taken care of. Tried to log in to the library software, only to find I didnt have a user ID or password. Hmmmm, sound familiar? And no, its not the same one. I tried all of mine, with no luck. I could log in under the substitute ID, but that only gave me limited access to the program. No one at school seemed to know what needed done. So I made several phone calls with no answers. Finally, an email was answered and got me started on the right track. I could now long in. But the problems I was finding were still there. Sent another email. Heard back today, and when I had a free moment, I logged in remotely and the lady from the central office took over my computer. I watched her download the updates, work on my programs...and finally she opened a document to chat with me. She asked me a couple questions, then showed me how to do things. Then asked another, and showed me again. It was SO helpful. She organized all my classes for me, and then told me how to print them out. I'm ready to go! Open for business, lol.

But what does my friend's post have to do with this? She reminded me that through all the trouble, frustrations, ups and downs, there's only one thing I really need to think about...would I rather be buried under the weight of this world, or embrace the life of Christ? And you know, the one thing I prayed for last night was to go to school today and have the answers I needed to get my computer running the way I need it to. And look what I got...

What do people do without faith?

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