Thursday, August 26, 2010

Is it Friday yet? (Or even bedtime?)

I cant sleep. My body is not meant to sleep from 10pm to 6 am. I need to sleep from 11 (or so) until 7 am. 6 am is killing me! (Ok, so 6 am wouldnt be quite so bad if it didnt come so early...there is something very wrong with getting up before the sun. But really, if I could fall asleep earlier, then I could tolerate 6 better.)

Today was a rough day. Its my longest by far. I have 6 classes on Thursdays. The good thing is the day flies by since I'm busy non-stop. But geesh, ALL the kids were so chatty today! I hope its just a back to school thing, and not a whole year thing. I dont like kids to get in trouble, but I'm not going to put up with the noise and not listening all year.

Then I come home and the girls are just as bad today. My head is NOT happy tonight. They girls were fighting, arguing and just generally being loud. Then I dont know what was going on with A and B, but B ends up with big scratch/claw marks across her side that were actually bleeding in places. Nope, I will NOT put up with that stuff at all! Arguing, wrestling around, etc is one thing... Deliberately trying to hurt someone is another. Bedtime is rapidly approaching.

Is it Friday yet?

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