Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just Letting it Out

I cant sleep. Lots on the mind tonight.

I hate depending on people. I mean, I know we need to to some extent. But I hate that I have to depend on other people for a place to live, utilities, food, a car, etc. It really has me down tonight. There have been unexpected expenses come up in the last week, and I hate that I have to ask for help. Even if its not financial...just the need for someone to fix the van. It really puts a HUGE dent in the self worth. And like mine doesnt already suffer...

I'm trying to make changes. Some days its really tough, because things dont happen quite fast enough for me. Its hard to see a difference from day to day. Just trying to remember the big picture...

I've also decided I need more *girl* friends...ones who like chick flicks, lol. There are some movies coming out that I'd like to see, and I'm sure the girls wont want to go see them. Not sure how many of my friends are in to those kinds of movies either. I need some sappy friends. :) Now just where to find them???

This is a rather negative post, but I just needed to vent. I'm well aware that I have a LOT to be thankful for. Sometimes too much negativity clouds my mind for awhile, and I just need to take a moment to remind myself whats really important.

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