Monday, April 5, 2010

Tid Bits

Ahhhhhh, sugar. I had given up sweets for Lent, and did really really well. (I had a cookie after I donated blood---my only indulgence.) So yesterday came (Easter), and well, I had some sugar. And then a little more. Like a couple PB eggs, some oreo pudding, white sheet cake, strawberry shortcake trifle, jelly beans....yeah. Not a lot of anything, but a little of lots of things. Lets just say I didnt handle it well. I crashed big time today. I napped yesterday. I couldnt keep my eyes open today. I was much better off when I gave up the sweets and was eating healthier. Its rough. So I put all the candy away today. If its not sitting out where I can walk past and grab a piece, I wont eat it.

Softball season is now upon us. Alexis is on the 13-14 year old team...mostly the same kids as last year. Same coach too, and we really like her. Olivia has her first practice tomorrow (I think) and is on the 7-8 year old team. Its coaches pitch. She also has the same coach as last year, which isnt quite as good as it is for Ali. Actually, the coach isnt so bad, but his daughter is really mouthy and bossy. Oh well. Livi just goes with the flow.

Brenna will start volleyball next week. One week of camp and 2 weeks of games. Thats always fun to watch.

I'm also trying to get things together for my mission trip. Really looking forward to that!

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