Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The workers came yesterday! I think they are finally done. The patio is poured, the yard is graded. We still need to put in window wells around a few basement windows, and plant grass seed, but the rest is done! Now I get to have some fun. I'm ready to start laying out flower beds and a garden. Yes, a garden. I have to look around and see where I want to put it. I think I have an idea, but I have to go check. I hope the excitement I have for this now lasts all season, and I keep up with it. I'm anticipating it saving me on grocery money...lots of fresh veggies, plus I'd like to make some spaghetti and pizza sauce, and maybe some salsa. I'd also like to can some green beans. Its all exciting now, but I know it will be lots of work. I've been doing so much better with my attitude and upkeep on the inside of the house, so I hope this will transfer to the outside as well.
Big changes in store soon, and I need to stay on top of things.

In kid news...this is one crazy week. Ali has decided to play soccer as well as softball this spring. So she has some kind of practice almost every night now. At least her soccer games will be on Saturdays, so that shouldnt interfere with softball. Livi is playing softball, and Brenna has volleyball camp all this week. She has a small league the next 2 weeks, just Weds and Fridays. I'm glad I decided to hold Maddy off one more year. I cant imagine if she was in t-ball as well right now. She'll definately play next year though.

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You know how to can?!? You are going to be my bestest friend ever if you can teach me how. If my motivation keeps up, too! Wendi