Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Busy busy

We seem to have lots going on these days.

Alexis is in the thick of things with the musical. It is coming up next weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing her make her stage debut. (Its the high school musical---they're doing Annie.)

I've registered Maddy for kindergarten. She has her "preview" (formerly known as screening) on March 31st. I think she's ready. She keeps asking when she can go to the girls school.

Warmer weather has finally arrived. We're still having ups and downs, but at least the downs aren't so low. I love the fresh air. I even had the windows open one day last week.

I taught 3 days last week. Now I'm sick. I just had this awful feeling last week when I was teaching...I saw a bunch of snot nosed kids. So now I'm trying to get healthy again.

My eating is still going well. I think giving up sweets for Lent was one of the best choices I've made. It has not been all that hard at all...not even when I made a cake or otherwise. (I didnt even lick the spatula, lol.) I have a good mindset this time, and hoepfully with Lent being 6ish weeks, I'll have some better habits in place once Easter gets here. (Now I need to add in some exercise.)

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