Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Oh my gosh the snow. I know I'm a bit behind here, but we got around 14-16 inches over the weekend. What a mess. Mike was loving it because he pulled 3 people out of ditches. We had a huge drift in front of the door.

There was no school yesterday. I'm not completely sure why. It was really cold, around -12*, it was SUPER foggy til after 10am, and some of the roads were a bit bad still. So I dont really know. Alexis and I still went to the basketball skills clinic and had no trouble.

Now, there's no school again today. This time I know why. Its snowing like there's no tomorrow and has been all day so far. We're supposed to get 3-5" more today, and the same amount tomorrow. Ugh! There is such a thing as too much together time.

Three of the girls are outside playing right now. When they come in, we'll make soft pretzels. The dough is ready. I'd like to do a puzzle too...something to get away from the computer/tv/etc. I have a feeling they may miss the rest of the week of school. (There is no school Friday because of conferences, and no school next Monday because its President's day. This could end up being a really l o n g "weekend"!)

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