Friday, February 5, 2010


I have 4. For some reason, tonight I have 8. Eight girls under one roof. (Am I crazy???) And to be totally probably would never guess it if you stopped by. Its quiet. I hear talking, the occasional laughter, but its not noisy. I love having a bigger house, and cant wait to get the basement done.

The bad side to all this...its snowing. Hard. And its supposed to snow all night. So they could be snowed in. I made sure we had food in the house in case I have to feed them all day tomorrow. Of course, Mike said he'd take them home in his truck. He's already pulled one guy out of the ditch. I was making pizza for dinner and noticed someone in the ditch across the street. So he went and helped him out.

The electricity cant decide if it wants to stay on, or go off. I'm hoping it decides to stay on. It could get a bit crowded with all of us sleeping in the family room in front of the fireplace. At least we have that option.

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